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One of the first things that the commercial welders learn when flux core arc welding is concerned is that this is an automatic or semi-automatic process of arc welding. During that process, the commercial welder uses the so called tubular electrode, which is based on a flux rather than on a solid electrode. It is this flux core electrode being used that makes the process of fluxed-cored arc weld the right choice in many cases and for numerous of today’s commercial welding requirements.


As it is often discussed at the Arc Welding Forum, the commercial welders are using two types of flux core arc welding. The first type requires an external supply for shielding gas, while the other one requests self-shielding, where the shielding gas comes from a tubular electrode that is continuously-fed. The electrode does contain flux and it also contains other ingredients which generate a shielding gas, as the electrode is in contact with the heat of the commercial welder. The gas does protect ...Read more