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Welding Booths & Fume Extractions


Commercial and industrial welders know that welding and metal cutting can be a safe operation in case the right safety measures have been taken. The welding fumes are dangerous and the welding fume control is important for the safety of the welder to be protected and the exposure of welding gases and fumes of the surrounding work area to be reduced. LONGEVITY Company offers a portable, mobile, and stationary line of welding fume extractors, welding fume downdraft tables, extraction arms, welding booths, welding extraction hoods, and other weld fume control solutions.

Do you need a fume extractor?

The fume extractors are suitable to be used when the welding area is not properly ventilated! The LONGEVITY fume extracting solutions offered, allow the welder to choose from several options. First, the welder has to decide on what type of extracting system one needs. LOGEVITY offers downdraft table extractors, fume extraction arms, as well as stationary fume extractors and also mobile and portable extracting systems. The fumes coming from the welding process can be hazardous, thus getting a fume extractor is one of the most important things for the individual and the company.

In case you need assistance in choosing an extractor, please do contact LONGEVITY team of experts! We can assist you in your fume extracting needs!