CNC Tables

LONGEVITY CNC tables & Routers

LONGEVITY Company is in the position to offers the best CNC solution that could answer the welder needs. The excellent quality of the available CNC plasma cutting tables and the CNC routers are to be used in both production applications and hobbyists. The CNC plasma cutting tables combined with the LONGEVITY plasma cutters, will offer the welders a very comfortable and affordable CNC solution. LONGEVITY Company also offers very efficient customer support and thus our company is a natural choice for CNC plasma cutting systems.

LONGEVITY Plasma Cutters and CNC Tables – why are they the best?

The innovative LONGEVITY Plasma Cutters feature plasma technology that is CNC ready and with capable blowback. This enables the welders to fire a plasma cutter without using a high frequency arc at the beginning. Why is this good news for the welders? Because your CNC computers will be very safe when you use the LONGEVITY plasma cutters as they do not emit a high frequency signal, which will usually set your computer offline and damage your CNC table.

LONGEVITY Company offers plasma cutting and CNC solutions and they come at a very reasonable price. The service and the support that our company offers to all commercial welders and industrial welders is unmatched in the entire welding industry sector.

You are welcome to call us and let us offer you the right CNC solution for you!