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About Us

LONGEVITY is a reliable and easily recognized worldwide company that is specialized in providing reliable welding http://www.longevity-inc.com/, cutting and power generating equipment of highest quality. The company was established in 2001 and since then it is working under the slogan "The Power to Last", and guarantees its clients work with leading industry equipment and production.

Aim: LONGEVITY aims to be a leader of the welding industry through modern innovation and complete customer satisfaction.

Innovations: LONGEVITY company makes everything possible to present its global dealers and distributors, as well as the regular users with the most innovative and reliable welding equipment and cutting machinery that is available on the market.

The engineering team of LONGEVITY collaborates with our clients and dealers, aiming to develop and offer the finest equipment on the market. The team of LONGEVITY is driven by our clients and customers, who are loyal to our brand.

Quality & Durability: The cutting, power generating and welding equipment of LONGEVITY company is of excellent quality and durability. These characteristics are achieved through the hard work of our R&D department and the following of our strict DOA policy. The engineers of LONGEVITY are making special testing procedures and our managers are further sending sample welding products to the best welders working in the United States, in order to get feedback, which is important for the company in order to make changes and innovations and thus to improve the quality and performance of our welding equipment.

Infrastructure: LONGEVITY Company has distributors in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries. Thanks to that the welding and cutting equipment of LONGEVITY, as well as the power generating products are offered not only on the territory of the United States, but are sold all over the world. The globally manufactured facilities of LONGEVITY work in close connection with our logistic companies, in order to provide effective distribution of the welding products that the company offers and to do that on time and effectively.

Customer Satisfaction: LONGEVITY is a successful company for welding equipment as our clients are satisfied by our products. This is so, as all our efforts and our everyday work has been focused on the customer satisfaction from the very first days from the company establishment. LONGEVITY company is so successful on the market, as we are building personal relationships with our clients, dealers and distributors and we maintain them in a professional and ethical way.

You are welcome to visit www.FreeWeldingForum.com and check our welding forum with 3000+ members, where you can read about our welding community focused on the customer satisfaction and interaction. LONGEVITY realizes, that it is the happy customers that will keep the company products easily recognizable on the global market.
Thank you for considering LONGEVITY as your supplier of welding, cutting, and power generating equipment! We offer outstanding service and support, so count on us!www.longevity-inc.com